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Large Selection of Vape Juice Flavors

 Major Brands in Stock

Vaping Devices

Mods, Pens, Starter kits.

We have an ask and order policy.

Large variety of replace tanks, various styled tanks and accessories for vaping.

Vape Store for Apex NC.  

Webstore Coming Soon!


301 N Salem St. 101 Apex, NC. 27502 map

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Freedom Vape Store Apex NC. ?

Freedom Vape Store in Apex NC.About

Freedom Vapor is soon becoming the best local vape store for Apex.

Serve the vaping community in Apex and Cary with the largest varieties of products, best customer service and a great vaping experience.  

We are the primary vape supplier.

We carry a vast variety of Electronic cigarettes, Vape Products, E liquids, Mods, Pens, Vaporizers and accessories. Along with all the accessories you need for your smoking enjoyment we provide great knowledgeable service with a smile.

About the Webstore

We are banging away at our keyboards working on our web store for online purchases.  You will be able to browse brands, mods, cloils and other product we stock or otherwise make available for purchase online.

Moving forwar, we will maintain our website for specific location help and a blog for announcments, specials etc for in store item.  The webstore will be a place you can browse the broad selection of vape products we carry and allow for purchase online.  More on webstore status

Web Store Coming Soon.